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    The olive tree is an evergreen, the leaves have the characteristic spear shape.

    First, the olives

    Extra virgin olive oil or "green gold" originates in the nights of time.

    The olive tree is a long-lived plant and prefers hilly, mild and windy areas to give its best fruit.

    Geographic and climatic aspect

    The hilly area of ​​Marsiliana-Manciano (Gr), is ideal for ensuring the conditions suitable for their growth for the olive trees.The temperate breeze of the sea, located a short distance away in symbiosis with a clayey-warm soil, allows the plants to produce their fruits, from which an excellent quality oil is obtained.

    Between April and May the flowers appear on the olive trees and in autumn the olives ripen. The harvest is done in October, the best period of the olives, when the ripening is at the right point, to have the most intense aromas and flavors with a low level of acidity.

    Harvesting and milling

    The harvest is done manually by carefully detaching the olives. Olives are delicate fruits, they perish easily and must be processed within 24 hours. At the mill the olives are washed with running water, crushed, then reduced to a paste (kneading). To obtain an excellent extra virgin olive oil, low temperatures are used during the olive paste processing process, without the use of chemical solvents. From a quintal of our olives we obtain approximately 11-13 kg of extra virgin olive oil, a yield that fully enhances the qualitative characteristics of Borgo Riparossa oil.

    Gastronomic match

    Borgo Riparossa extra virgin olive oil can be used raw or cooked in the kitchen, on bruschetta, vegetables and pasta dishes. However, to fully savor its organoleptic properties, it is recommended to consume it raw.

    The Tuscan IGP oil to which Borgo Riparossa oil belongs, is an oil with a strong flavor, low acidity that therefore does not cover the flavors, but perfectly completes some dishes, making them real culinary delicacies: the cream of pumpkin, the soup of cereals that with the addition of rosemary, produces a true essence of pleasure on the palate.

    Borgo Riparossa Extra Virgin Olive Oil contains vitamins and essential fatty acids that have an important protective function for the body, in particular for the circulatory system

    Borgo Riparossa oil boasts national and international awards.

    • It is on the prestigious Bibenda 2021 Guide of the Italian Sommelier Foundation: with the 4 Bibenda Drops, we are counted among the companies that produce a High Quality Oil.

    • It is on the Slow Food Editore 2021 Guide: our oil is listed among the Best Extra Virgin Olive Oils.

    • It is on the selection recommended by Leone d'Oro International: a prestigious international competition that has always supported olive biodiversity.

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    Borgo Riparossa

    Borgo Riparossa was born as an eco-suistainable project aimed at demonstrating how well-being passes through a healthy and respected environment. We strongly believe that the use of high quality standards and precision technology can help the production of an excellent extra virgin olive oil.